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Nanotechnology will continue to develop rapidly and impact our changing world. Nanotechnology has the potential to disrupt the existing paradigms in a broad spectrum of fields that include information technology, medicine, bioengineering, genetics, energy and defense. Nano-robots to repair brain damage, cure cancer and reprogram genetic profiles are being developed. Scientists are working on the reverse engineering of the physiological structure of the human brain using advanced artificial intelligence and three-dimensional nanotube circuits.

Research and development in nanotechnology is centered primarily in the universities, corporations and governments of the developed world. This concentration of control/ownership of disruptive technologies can generate distrust, skepticism and aggression from less advanced populations. Human Rights & Co. believes that to fully capitalize on the positive potential of these technologies, dialogue at the highest levels must occur so that appropriate, inclusive, ethical and moral safeguards form the foundation upon which this new technology is built.