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Natural Resources

Globalization, the augmenting world population and the millions of people rising out of poverty and into the ranks of consumers have resulted in increased pressures on natural resources. Competition for limited and finite resources often heightens tensions between nation states, regional players, corporations, ethnicities and local communities. Improperly managed, the exploitation of natural resources can have catastrophic and lasting effects on the economic, political, environmental and societal development of people. Conflicting motivations may spiral into armed hostilities that create chaos, instability and power imbalances that are counterproductive and detrimental to all. The unregulated, mismanaged, inequitable exploitation of resources jeopardizes our future.

Human Rights & Co. stands for the premise that mutually beneficial, equitable and sustainable solutions are not only possible but also central to the long-term interests of all stakeholders. It also believes that solutions result from organized, inclusive and systematic intervention through a framework of intercultural dialogue and international law on human rights.